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Saturday, April 19th 10:00AM-Noon
Iron Gate Motor Condos
Check out the area’s first, exclusive residence
for your Z car or other exotic vehicles!
(Click here for info, E-Vite has been sent out)

Sunday, May 18th Spring Fling to
Monroe-New Glarus, WI 7:00AM
Shine up that Z for our SPRING FLING
(E-Vite has been sent out)

May 25th Sandwich, IL Car Show
Sandwich Fair Grounds 8:00AM - 3:00PM
(Click here for info, E-Vite has been sent out)

June 13th-15th
Midwest Z Heritagefest
Aurora, Ohio
(Click here for info, E-Vite has been sent)

July 20th 2 Road Trip Options
#1 Road America "The Hawk"
(Click here for more info on Historic Races)
#2 Road Trip to Spingfield, IL
(More details to follow)

July Cruzin' Z Show
Location & Date TBA

August 5th-9th
International Z Convention
San Diego, California
(Click here for info)

Sept 13th Z's in the Woods Picnic
Hosted by the Indy Z Car Club
Kokomo, IN is the place to be!
This is the Z Party to be remembered!
Winter is just around the corner so get that Z on a road trip with the WCZC for a "few" miles of fun and meet new and old friends at Dave and Barb Jarrell's place. Jason Skagg's Band will be there playing tunes live just for us Z fanatics!
(click here for all the details!)

Fall Fling/Poker Run
Location & Date TBA

Sunday, April 6th General Z Club Meeting
(Clich here for a few more images)

Monday, Feb 10th Chicago Auto Show

(Click here for more images)

How about a new Bob Sharp Race Car for Christmas
Check out our "Classified Ads" page!

Car and Drivers 2016 Nissan Z - Where do I sign!

See more of the Delta Wing Nissan below!

Keep an EYE on The Z Car Club Association
(Click this link for the ZCCA)

Check out our latest Newsletter (click here)

Check the Classified Ad's link for used parts & Z's for sale!!!
1993 Convertible just added!
Price just dropped for the 1988ZX!!!

Windy City Z Club Face Book Page?

How about a trip in a 1977 280Z across Route 66!
(Click here for a Video)

Check out Jay Leno's Garage this month!
(Jay drives a 240Z - Click here!)

Order your Z accessories today: email Ty at ""
Shirts $30.00, Patches $3.00, License Plate Frames $3.00 or 2 for $5.00

Check out the return of DATSUN (Click here!)

2014 President's Night Out at Reza's
(Click here for more images)

2013 38th WCZC Birthday Party

(Click here for more pictures of the party)

2013 Oct 20th trip to the Anderson Japanese Gardens
Click here for more Photo's from Will

2013 Oct 5th Octoberfest Z Car Celebration

How about some Photo's from Will (Click here)
How about some Photo's from Glenn (Click here)

September 28th Lynfred Winery Wine Tasting

Sept 15th 2013 Cantigny Car Show

(Click here for Slideshow with tunes!)

Click here for a few pictures of the WCZC in N.H.

How about a few more pic's from Ty at the Z Club Car Show in July!!!

Cruisin USA Z Car Show at the Promenade July 14th
(Click here for pictures from Glenn)

2013 Midwest Z Heritage Fest in Nashville, IN

(Click here for more pictures from Glenn)

Did you make it to "The Glen" car show on June 16th?
(Photo's by Doug Harman)


(How about some pics from the New Glarus Spring Fling!)
(Click here for Richard Robb's slide show)

May 4th Indoor Car Show at Bridgeview Sports Dome
Our VP Jeff Pleiter wins the one and only Director's Throphy!

(Click here for more Pic's from the big show!)

FaceBook Car show at Bull Frog Lake 04/06/2013

(Click here for more pics)

Saturday, April 6th General Z Meeting 6:00PM
Hagerty Insurance Presentation

(Click here for just a few more pics)

22 MEMBERS at Pilot Pete's for Dinner March 2nd
(Click here for a few shots of some Great Food and Members)

Chicago Auto Show Feb 11th 2013
(Click here for a few more pictures from Jeff)
(Click here for a few more pictures from Glenn)


Click here for some words from Nissan North America and their tremendous
success with Project 370Z which will be at the Chicago Auto Show next month!

2013 January General Z Meeting
(Click here for more Pictures)

(Click here for a few more pictures)

Oct 6th Octoberfest at Continental Nissan

(Click here for pictures from Kim & Will)
(Click here for pictures from Glenn)

2012 Cantigny Park Car Show
(click here for a few pictures)

St Charles Car Show
(Click here for a few pictures)

Shriners Hog Roast & Car Show
(Click here for pictures from an Excellent WCZC Event!)

(How about a few more photos from Carl, Tom and Robert!)

(How about watching a Video of our BIG winner of the day!
It's worth the wait, members there know what we mean!)

Road America Historic's July 14th-15th
How about a view from INSIDE turn five!

Click here for Pictures from Saturday's Track Touring
Click here for Pictures from Elkhart Lake's Car Show
Click here for Pictures from Sunday's Racing

How about a Video of track touring from inside a 370Z

There's a new "Spec V" racing class for 2003-08 Nissan 350z's being launched by the National Auto Sport Association (NASA)
(Click here for more info!)

Pictures of the July 21st Ice Cream Social

Ohio's Z Heritage Fest 2012
(Click here for pictures from Jeff)

June 24th Spring Fling to Wisconsin
(Click here for pics from Jeff)
How about a Video of the Spring Fling trip to Wisconsin (click here)!

2012 Branson Z Fest
(Click here for Branson pics from Jeff)

(Click here for Branson pics from Glenn)

Wheels America Tech Session, Saturday, April 28th
(Click here for more pics)

Nissan Delta Wing Racecar
(Click here to check out the video)


March General Z Meeting

WCZC at the Chicago Auto Show Feb 13th 2012

Check out the "2013 370Z Project Press Release"

Check out the Changes for the 2013 370Z

Pictures from Nissan's Media Kit!

A few more pictures from Glenn at the show!

(2011 ZCCA Quicktime Movie)

Moto-Man 40th Z Anniversary Special with
Randy Rodriguez & Yoshihiko Matsuo



How about the new NISSAN Electric Car
(Click here for Preview)

Would you like a brochure on the new 370Z (click below)

 Like to read a few articals about the new 370Z?

Overview.pdf or Shift.pdf or Specs.pdf



The new 2009 370Z


Plan to attend the next monthly meeting of the club
at Fuddruckers May 3rd at 6pm

Check out the Video of Peter Brock of BRE testing the new 370Z

Getting tired of seeing the same Z Photo all the time.
Web Site Images Needed

Want to put your Z on the Web Site. Yes that's right, your car

can be featured in the "Members Z's" section or one of the photos on the home page. Just send your

Pictures and a brief description of your Z to:

All Datsun and Nissan photos invited
General Informationglennsz

The Windy City Z Club was founded in 1975 by a group of people dedicated to enjoying their passion for the Datsun Z Car. The first enthusiasts were mainly amateur racers who spent their weekends racing their Z Cars. As the club grew, Datsun evolved into Nissan and the Z Car evolved through five generations. New members brought in new and varied interests, and club events expanded to include rallies, road trips, car shows, tech sessions and social events.


The Windy City Z Club is a group of Z Car enthusiasts drawn mainly from the Chicago land Area, but includes active members from the surrounding states of Wisconsin, Michigan and Indiana , and a few from farther states as well. Membership is open to anyone owning or interested in the Datsun/Nissan Z Car.


So feel free to explore the rest of the site for articles and photos of past events, a calendar of future events, club members cars and a new members manual of typical events and the advantages of Windy City Z Club (WCZC) membership.


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